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The Next Level Business Advisors Philosophy

From conception to implementation, from growth to succession, we've had the good fortune of working with business owners in all phases. Our philosophy is based on these experiences, and we've observed that the business life-cycle can be broken into three distinct areas...

Launch, Ascent and Orbit.

We work to improve performance in each phase.


Everyone starts their business with an idea. In order to get that idea off of the ground, there are a number of steps that must be taken. We call this the launch phase. 

Ironically enough, if 50% of new business fail during the first five years, there’s probably at least 50% who never get past the launch!!!

Our business advisory Launch Program is designed to prevent failure to launch.


Once the business is off of the ground, there are many steps to ensure that there’s a climb to orbit.

The ascent is progressive – but like with any ascent there can be turbulence.

Once the business is experiencing steady and predictable growth, the owner must now turn his attention to the Orbit.

Our business advisory Ascent Program is designed to improve the ascent path.


The orbit is where we all want to be!

Once we’ve ascended to a comfortable business position, we want the business to continue to function with peak efficiency.

Even when rockets are in orbit, there’s much work needed to make sure that the orbit doesn’t decline.

Our Orbit Business Advisory service ensures that the business works like 'the well-oiled' machine needed for business success.

Marc loves helping to bring clarity to your goals.

Marc Adams EA, Profitability and Growth Business Advisor, has been in business since 2002. He's always felt that 'knowledge is power' and very early on in his accounting and business advisory firm began to share his knowledge with his business clients.

Unlike many business advisors, his passion for numbers led him to tie business performance, growth and efficiency to his clients bottom line. 

Our Belief

We believe that every business owner starts their business with a dream. Very often however, once the business is up and running, the dream gets lost. We help owners rediscover their dream through the correct business coaching and advisory programs. Our work with business owners through these advisory services helps them grow and achieve the business success they desire.

Did You Know That...?

Studies show that 45% to 50% of new businesses fail during their first five years! But failure is not inevitable. In fact, success is something that can be guaranteed!

We work with business owners to make success possible.

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Our Approach

We are very passionate and driven about helping businesses reach high levels of success, and as a specialized business advisory firm we want to make sure anyone we bring on as a new client will be the right fit to work with our business advisory solutions.

We enjoy working with dedicated business owners and we want to provide you with the very best professional and advisory support for your business. If the following questions resonate positively with you, you may qualify to work with us.

Are you still excited about your business dream but just not achieving the results you want?

Is the fire and drive for success still there and you have the desire to go to the next level?

Are you open to sharing with us what your dreams and goals of success are and what issues have been keeping you from achieving them with the intent of solving them?

If you answered yes to all these questions then our service could improve your quality of life, allow you and your business to not only make more money but keep more money, while reducing the amount of time you have to devote to business growth. This is achieved by focusing on 4 key areas. Improving cash flow, improving work flow, improving marketing and sales, and improving net profitability.

Get started now by booking a free discovery session with us and we let us see what business advisory program we offer is perfect for you.

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